Saturday, November 26, 2011

Definitive Design Choice

Jean-Pierre showed the previous iterations to a group of pilot friends and they felt that the prop rotating around the boom was a good idea and that we should go back to it. So our latest design combines the high wing with the boom going through the prop hub. Spec is still 31 kilos dry.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another version. The fairing construction is not fully decided. The wheel is a standard 305-mm bicycle rim with 375 mm outer diameter. It's very sturdy and if it breaks you can rebuild it with more spokes or thicker spokes. Conventional controls with a side mounted stick (on right hand) and rudder pedals. The transparent color is fabric, 57 g/m2 (1.7 oz per sq yd). The opaque color is 0.8 mm plywood. 
The previous version had a connection from the feet up to the motor, for this version we chose to remove it because the largest magnitude forces involved are transmitted by the two struts from the pilot's CG up to the wing; there is not really much added value to the super-rigid loop or triangle type arrangement.