Sunday, October 9, 2011

triangular frame

Jean-Pierre suggested that the front bar go down directly between the pilot's legs since the fairing will be rigid enough to support the pilot's feet with the rudder pedals. That way the frame is a triangle. I don't always use the computer; here I just drew it up in pencil. The structural members are boxes made of thin spruce (10x10 mm) with some carbon fiber reinforcement and internal foam stiffeners. The weight of the bare triangle, not counting all the attachments - engine mount, wheel mount, fairing mounts, wing mounts etc - should be 2.7 kilos;

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Design

For this version the weight is still 31 kilos, and the engine is the same 14hp. Cruise speed higher, about 125 km/h. Faired pilot makes radical improvement to efficiency. The skin is 0.8 mm plywood (wing) and 0.4 mm plywood (rear of fuselage, tail, and pilot fairing).  Plywood is glued to foam cores and local carbon reinforcement.