Saturday, April 30, 2011

31 kilo airplane - new layout

With Jean-Pierre we're working on a new layout where the tail is a carbon tube. The motor we are using, the Raket 120, uses a poly-v belt reduction and with this folding prop that is sold as individual blades, we can make a hub so that the prop effectively rotates around the tail boom. I will be posting a more detailed sketch of the engine mount and how the tail boom goes through it.


6 m wingspan, 0.7 m chord, 4.2 m2 wing area, NACA 4415, 3 deg dihedral
3 axis with full span flaperons 
Gross takeoff weight 120 kilos
Stall speed 65 km/h
Cruise 110 km/h
VNE 130 km/h

Weight breakdown:
Engine, prop and exhaust 11 kg
Fuselage with controls, tailplanes and undercarriage 10 kg
Wings with struts 10 kg